08h00-08h45 Welcome and Introduction.
  Welcome LOC Prof I Govender
Welcome – SAAFP President Prof B Mash

Dean of Health Sciences UP: Prof Tiaan de Jager
MEC of Health Gauteng
08h45-09h00 Commemoration of Health Care Professional victims of Covid 19
Prof Honey Mabuza
09h00-09h45 Plenary session 1
Guest speaker
Topic: Covid 19 in South Africa: The good, the Bad and the Complicated
09h45-10h30 Plenary session 2
Topic: State of vaccination in South Africa
Prof Shabir Madhi
10h30-11h00  Comfort break
11h00-13h00 Parallel / Breakaway sessions A
11h00-11h10 Announcements and entry into sessions
11h15-13h10 Session 1.1: Workshops (Chair: Prof Richard Cooke) Session 1.2: Seminars (Chair: Prof Ndimande) Session 1.3: Clinical Practice Update (Chair: Prof Mergan Naidoo) Session 1.4: Research presentations (Chair: Prof Gert Marinkowitz)
11h10-12h05 1.1.1    A taste of Motivational Interview

Loren Jordaan
1.2.1 Prioritising ‘already scarce’ intensive care unit resources in the midst of COVID 19: a call for regional triage committees in South Africa
1.3.1 Managing renal problems in the PHC setting
Dr Alain Assounga
12h05-12h15  Comfort break
12h15-13h10 1.1.2 Reengineering examinations in the face COVID 19: a stop gap measure or a long term option
Prof Vanessa Burch
1.2.1 “Caring” in the context of Covid 19
1.3.1 Managing renal problems in the PHC setting
Dr Alain Assounga
12h05-12h15 Comfort Break
12h15-13h10     1.3.2 Gender based violence in the district.
Dr Lukhosi
Virtual Poster Presentations and Exhibitor Session Lunch Break
14h00-14h10 Announcements
14h10-15h00 Plenary session 3
JC Coetzee lecture
Topic: COVID 19 infection and maternal health
Prof Soma Pillay
15h00-15h45 Plenary session 4
Topic: Covid 19 & PHC professional in Africa
Dr Vincent Setlhare
15h45-16h00 Comfort Break
16h00-17h30 Parallel / Breakaway sessions B
16h00-16h10 Announcements and entry into sessions
16h10-17h50 Session 2.1: Workshops (Chair: Dr Martin Bac) Session 2 .2: Seminars (Chair: Dr K Hlabyago) Session 2.3: Clinical Practice Update (Chair: Dr T Ras) Session 2.4 : Research presentations (Chair :Dr Rangiah)
16h10-17h00 2.1.1 The role of the family physician in palliative care in the Netherlands and some ethical dilemmas
Kees Goedhart (NL)
Liesl Botha
2.2.1 Psychosocial and sexual care pathway in cancer patients in Africa* 2.3.1 Schizophrenia diagnoses and management in PHC
Prof L Robertson
17h00 – 17h10 COMFORT BREAK
17h10 – 17h50 Ethics 2.1.2 How do we assess and manage end of life patients in the emergency unit at SBAH? Ethics 2.2.2 Thromboembolic diseases and Covid 19
Prof Naresh Ranjith
2.3.2 Substance abuse and management in the district 2.4.2
18h00 SAAFP Annual General Meeting      

Please note that this a provisional programme, that is subject to changes and updates. Once the final programme has been finalized, it wil be shared accordingly